Notary Public

  • Must be a legal resident of the State of California;
  • Must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Completion of a course of study approved by the Secretary of State;
  • Pass a written examination prescribed by the Secretary of State; and
  • Pass a background check.

>   A Notary Public is appointed by the Secretary of State who serves as an impartial witness in taking acknowledgments, administering oaths and affirmations, and performs other acts authorized by state law. 

>  "A Notary Public must possess honesty, credibility, truthfulness, and integrity to fulfill the responsibilities of the position".  (Gov't Code  § 8201.1)

  • Regular Notary is a Notary Public who normally has an office or works out of her or his home.
  • Mobile Notary is a Notary Public who will travel to an agreed upon location. (Travel fees charged.)

  • Requires the Notary Public to verify the signer's identity.
  • Verify testimony from one or more credible witnesses.
  • Record the source of Identity in Notary's journal.
  • Use of  Notary Stamp  to complete notarization.